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Welcome To "Cyber Diving Study Group"

投稿者: Ken 掲載日: 2003-12-16 (3569 回閲覧)

Cyber Diving Study Group

Welcome to "Cyber Diving Study Group"

First of all,

You might think what is "Cyber Diving Study Group"?
This Group is organized by the volunteers who attend the Diving Forum on Niftyserve,which is the largest computer network organization in Japan .
As the name of the "Study Group" shows,we've been dealing with everything that is related to cyber space and diving.

Study report

Needlless to say,we are making the best use of computer-network, like internet ,as tools for exchanging information.
Recently,W've started focusing on the use of Diving Computers for the first study .
There are two main problems with use the Diving Computers on the market.

First, when divers dive at exactly the same time and to exactly the same depth with different types of Diving Computers, they don't show the same no-decompression diving time.
They are supposed to be the same,though.
So,to solve this problem,we are studying several different "Decompression Theory".which is said to be the ground of "No-decompression Diving time ".
And we are also asking Diving Computers makers to disclose the decompression theory they adopt.

Secondly, some Diving Computers can transmit diving data to the personal computer, but they all require different software.
So,we are working on not only making software but also proposing diving data standard format (DSF) that can fit all types of Personal Computers and Diving Computers.

Ken Ohwada, Yuko Yanagida   8.July,1996

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